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“We strive to give our guests an outstanding, memorable experience to last a lifetime”

The most important aspect of any safari is certainly YOUR GUIDE! He will accompany you throughout your safari and feel responsible to take care of you. Our guides are educated, bilingual, and have excellent knowledge of all Parks / Game Reserves that you will be visiting.

Your guide will be with you from the time you arrive at the airport until you depart. He will give you detailed information on game sightings, the country, history, and insight on Life in Kenya. Our guides are members of the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association and hold Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges. We do in-house training and constantly strive to improve your experience! More than anything though our guides are passionate about conservation and wildlife.

They genuinely love nature and are happy to share their world with YOU!

Choose your preferred guide below! We have family-friendly, photographically trained, ornithological, ethological specialists.


Ben was born in central Kenya, on the foothill of Mount Kenya with a passion for wild animals starting at an early age while he was still in school having been a member of wildlife clubs. Growing up, his responsibility was taking care of the family’s livestock. This allowed him to appreciate animals from a young age.He developed a passion for being out in the bush and seeing wildlife that most people take for granted.

His interest in animals and mountains led him to join a Camping Safari Company where he undertook several trips to National parks and Mountains Climbing within the East Africa region. He gained a lot of experience, and his knowledge of flora and fauna grew immensely.

Ben graduated with a diploma in Tourism Management and Tour Guiding and has  also done Adventure First Aid, Group Management, Equipment leave No Trace (L.N.T), and Wilderness First Aid Courses.

He is an active member of the Kenya professional guides association (KPSGA).

For the last seventeen years, he has worked with different companies, several photographers and film crews and participated as a naturalist guide in nature walks as well as Mountain Guide.

Guiding Specialty

His areas of specialization are wildlife, mammal behavior, birdlife, Mountain Climbing photography and culture.

He is an experienced sightseeing tour guide and offers various tour packages and can customize tours based on guests’ interests, time, and budget. He enjoys nature and this is his everyday work.

Ben looks forward to showing Great Places Fascinating Places within Kenya!


Daniel was born in Central Kenya near the Aberdare national parks. After high school, he joined the Amboseli Institute of tours and travel, where he was trained as a Tour guide. He holds a diploma in tour travel and management course, he is a member of the Kenya professional guides association (KPSGA).

He has worked with various organizations, including Green Belt Conservation. Most favorite animal to him is the elephant, his career inspiration was to be a major player in the field of wildlife and tourism management. He joined Game Africa safari family in June 2011.

He is passionate about Wildlife Photography and Conservation.

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