Covid-19 Conditions Flexible Booking Conditions Incentive To Postpone


We continue to have faith in Kenya as a destination and will remain committed to sharing our passion with you and keeping the dream and the industry alive. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have published Flexible Booking Conditions to help clients and partners manage this crisis by encouraging people to postpone existing bookings rather than cancel and to give confidence to people making future bookings that they have flexibility should their circumstances change.

Please see below the details of our flexible booking conditions for existing and new bookings for 2021 at GAME AFRICA SAFARIS:


  • Guests holding confirmed bookings with paid deposits can postpone their travels up to 7 days prior to arrival.
  • All bookings or amendments made under these flexible booking conditions must be utilized within 12 months of the original arrival date.
  • Should you wish to amend your bookings, any deposit paid will be carried forward to the future booking.
  • Any cost increases associated with a change in travel date shall be payable by the client. Ie if dates of travel move from one season to a higher category season a supplementary charge shall be payable based on current rates.
  • In the case of an amendment followed by a cancellation, we reserve our right to apply cancellation fees from the original amendment date.

We would like to now go further and offer an incentive to postpone bookings rather than cancel.

Any outright cancellation of bookings, including cancellations due to the World Health Organization issuing an advisory against traveling to Kenya, will result in our standard cancellation policy’s application, and guests will be required to claim a refund from their travel insurance. Standard cancellation & payment terms to the revised dates will apply.


Should a guest of Game Africa Safaris not wish to travel on their confirmed travel dates due to the COVID-19 outbreak, their reservation may be moved by up to 12 months and the current rates will apply. If the new/postponed date reservation is rescheduled in a different seasonal rate bracket, the seasonal rate change will apply.

Once a booking has been postponed to new dates our standard cancellation and payment terms and conditions will apply to the new travel dates.

If guests are unsure of their future travel arrangements, we will automatically provisionally book them for the same dates. This will be subject to availability. In these instances, provisional bookings will be held for 90 days which allows guests time to consider when they’d like to travel. The itinerary shall be similar to the one initially booked, and fare differences may apply.


In the event you need to reschedule your trip, we will reserve 100% of your funds as a credit toward any future adventure without expiration.



  • We will require the country of origin of all guests that have confirmed bookings with The GAME AFRICA SAFARIS to be provided at the time of booking.


Social distancing: We shall have a maximum of only 7 people in each vehicle during transfers and game drives. Upon arrival, all our guests are fully briefed on the latest procedures and safety measures in place to protect them during their stay. Hand sanitizers are available in our safari vehicles, booked hotels, etc. Provisions are made to sanitize the luggage.
Body temperature will be taken by an infrared/thermal sensor.
All items provided to the guests will be sanitized. e.g. water bottles or picnic lunchboxes
Guests are required to bring their face masks for use during the journey;


We are guided by Health Ministry and Government Guidelines in each country we operate in for administering tests to our guests, as well as WHO and IATA recommendations. Covid-19 tests are available, if required, in various medical centers in Nairobi. In Kenya, we are pleased to offer Covid-19 PCR testing arrangements for our guests to make life easier while on safari!


We have established relationships with several authorized and trusted laboratories and operators offering PCR testing, with services such as 24hr turnaround for results. Please discuss your itinerary and testing requirements with your consultant at the time of booking.

We remain at your disposal for any further assistance and hope these new flexible booking conditions and additional incentives inspire confidence in booking with us. GAME AFRICA SAFARIS will continue to review our booking terms and conditions as this very dynamic situation evolves and we reserve the right to amend these flexible bookings conditions accordingly.

Terms and Conditions:


 To secure your reservation, a 50% (fifty percent) deposit is due at the time of booking.

Your final balance will be due 60 days before the commencement of your journey, however, if you have booked your trip within 60 days of departure, the full payment must be paid on the date of reservation to secure your booking.

  • Quoted program prices include planning, handling, and operational charges, and are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs, and taxes. Payment to us will need to be made in either Kenya Shillings (KSH) or the United States Dollars (USD)
  • Should you have paid in full for your booking and some increases occur in pricing that neither ourselves as agents nor the suppliers have any control of, you will be liable for these increases and will be billed accordingly. This can be as a result of several factors including, but not restricted to, Government Tax increases that affect tourism-related services and Park entry Fee Increases.
  • In the unlikely event of a misquotation being made by GAME AFRICAN SAFARIS, we reserve the right to cancel a booking without any liability if the misquote results in a cost implication and any payment already made will be refunded to you. Similarly, GAME AFRICAN SAFARIS will not be held liable for any error on our website, brochures, or other advertising and marketing material, and reserves the right to correct it once any such error has been brought to our attention, which may result from the cancellation of a booking and refund of any payment already made, without any liability arising on behalf of GAME AFRICAN SAFARIS.


  • By you – should you need to cancel, you must notify us in writing. Once the money is paid, it’s assumed the agreement has been established. Cancellations and refunds for the booking canceled from 5 to 14 days after booking, monies made are subject to a 12% cancellation for credit cards, PayPal, online payments, Mobile Money transfers, and bank transfers.
  • If the booking is canceled between 21 to 30 days before the arrival date, 25% of the total charges will be charged.
  • If a booking is canceled between 25 to 14 days before the arrival date, 50% of the total charges will be charged.
  • For no-shows or bookings canceled within 24 hours of arrival date, 100% of the rate will be charged.
  • Flight cancellations, refunds, compensations, changes of travel dates, etc. will be governed by the specific airline terms and conditions and all charges shall be borne by the clients.
  • You may transfer your place to someone else (introduced by you) if you are prevented from traveling, provided we are notified not less than 2 weeks before departure and subject to the practicality of changing certain bookings made in your name. All costs and charges incurred by us and/or incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers, as a result, must be paid before the transfer can be effected. Any overdue balance payment must also be received.
  • By Us – Although it rarely happens and we shall do our utmost to avoid doing so, we reserve the right to cancel arrangements. If this should happen, other than due to default in payment, we will offer the choice of alternative arrangement (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) or receiving a full refund of all the monies paid. If we are forced to curtail a tour after departure to circumstances amounting to force majeure, we regret we cannot make any refunds or pay any compensation or be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by you as a result.


Accommodations (hotels) and arranged sightseeing are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond GAME AFRICA SAFARI’S control. Every effort will be made to operate tours as planned, but alterations may occur after the final itinerary has been issued. GAME AFRICA SAFARIS also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it, to make such alterations to the itinerary or the tour inclusions as it deems necessary or desirable, and to pass on to tour members any expenditures or losses caused by delays or events beyond its control.


In these booking conditions, “force majeure” means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease at the travel destination, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our obligations under our contract with you is prevented or affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage, loss, or expense of any nature as a result of “force majeure”.


It is your responsibility to ensure that all your travel documents are in order and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination and all safety or security conditions at such destinations. It is your responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, travel permits, healthy certificates, inoculations, international driving licenses, or other documentation required for the trip are obtained and are in order. It is your responsibility to meet any additional costs incurred by yourself or by GAME AFRICA SAFARIS on your behalf as a result of any failure by you to comply with such requirements.

Anti-Malaria precautions should be commenced prior to departure. Please consult your doctor’s advice or information given on visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. In a good faith as a courtesy to you. GAME AFRICA SAFARIS is not responsible for any errors or omissions as to the information provided.

No refunds due to incomplete travel documentation will be given or entertained.


 Unless indicated on the individual tour package,there is no minimum age requirement.However,some activities contained within a tour may have a different age restriction than the overall minimum age requirement. Details will be provided at the time of booking.


Tour prices include the handling of two pieces of baggage per person. Weight restrictions on some routes on internal air flights may apply, detail will be provided with preliminary tour documentation. Baggage and personal effects are at the Owner’s risk throughout the travel program. Please check with your international carrier for other baggage restrictions applicable to your international flights.


GAME AFRICA SAFARIS highly recommends that you obtain the following types of travel insurance that cover medical emergencies, evacuation, loss of personal items, repatriation, and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage. injury, delay, or inconvenience occurring to you.

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Major Medical
  • Accidental Death and Disability
  • Loss of Personal Effect


GAME AFRICA SAFARIS reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any program or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a program with GAME AFRICA SAFARIS, program members agree to allow their images to be used in such photographs. Program members who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves to their Tour Director/Safari Guide at the beginning of their program.


We hope you will not encounter any problems during the holiday. However, should one arise, please immediately advise us of the service in question, as most problems can be resolved straight away.

Refunds are not made for any missed services, except for verifiable extenuating circumstances. Any adjustment considered will be based on the actual price of the services involved and not on a per diem basis. Adjustments will not be made for unused sightseeing trips or meals.

In the unlikely event that you remain dissatisfied, please write to us setting you your complaint in detail within 30 days of the end of the holiday. GAME AFRICA SAFARIS regret will not accept any liability for any claims that are not received within 30 days of the termination of your travel program.


  • African countries have varying inoculation, immunization, and medication requirements and you must familiarize yourself with these and take the necessary action timeously as travel will not be permitted unless you meet these requirements which are your full responsibility. It is furthermore your responsibility to be familiar with all diseases, both real and potential when traveling to KENYA and TANZANIA to take the necessary precautions and vaccinations.
  • It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit and healthy for travel and in some cases you may be required on request to provide a medical statement from a medical practitioner to confirm that you are fit and healthy to travel.


  • Except as disclosed in your medical questionnaire, you are taken to confirm at the time of booking that you are in good health, physically capable of undertaking all aspects of the trip, and unaware of any reason why you may be unsuited to taking part or maybe likely to suffer illness or injury during the trip, taking into account its challenges and purposes. If you are unable to give this confirmation for any reason or have any medical condition or disability which may affect your trip, you must contact us before you submit your application form so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the trip for you. If any information is given in the application form or medical questionnaire is shown to be materially incorrect or incomplete, we reserve the right to cancel your booking or terminate your participation in the trip, depending on when we become aware of the true position. In this situation, CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: charges, as set out in paragraph (b/4), will apply and we will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred as a result.
  • It is your responsibility to make arrangements for the provision of any medication or treatment while you are away.


When it comes to game viewing, please be advised there are no guarantees nor does GAME AFRICA SAFARIS guarantee the viewing of 100% of all the animal and bird species found in Kenya.

Safaris in Africa entail a certain degree of risk. We advise our guests to always consult their guide before undertaking any activity that may bring them into an area populated by wild animals. Please be aware that these safaris may take guests into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Neither the company, nor its employees, nor its agents can be held responsible for any injury or incident on the safari


The tour leader, Safari guide, or other members of our staff adopts an authoritative position about you as a client and for the peace of mind and safety of everyone on the trip, must be adhered to at all times during the trip. By booking the trip, you abide to be bound by the decisions and leadership of the tour leader at all times.

Similarly, you must behave responsibly throughout the trip and any illegal, unwarranted, or inappropriate behavior you behave in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset, or distress to our staff or any third party or damage to property, we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate your trip.

We or staff employed by the GAME AFRICA SAFARIS companies are entitled to withdraw you from a trip in the above circumstances where the information provided on your application form or medical questionnaire proves to be materially inaccurate or incomplete. Where you are withdrawn, you will be required to leave the trip immediately and we will have no further responsibility towards you. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the withdrawal. You will in addition have to indemnify us against any loss or expense that may be incurred as a result of your actions.

You accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be made direct to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier or us as soon as possible. You will also be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against you and all costs incurred by us (including our own and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your actions. You should ensure you have appropriate travel insurance to protect you if this situation arises.


Please advise us of any special requests before making your booking. Where possible, we will endeavor to meet or arrange for our suppliers to meet any such request. Confirmation that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier or the inclusion of the special request on your invoice or any other documentation is not confirmation that the request will be met. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all special requests are subject to availability. For your protection, you should obtain confirmation in writing that a special request will have complied (where it is possible to give this) where it is important to you.


The information contained in our brochure, on our website, and in our other advertising material is believed correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing or publication. However, errors may occasionally occur and information may subsequently change.  The group organizer and the participants must therefore ensure they check all details of the chosen expedition (including the price) with us at the time of booking.



  • All the terms and conditions governing your trip and our relationship are set out in this document that you have agreed to upon completion of your booking form. These terms and conditions will prevail in the event of any contradiction in the documents so please ensure your familiarity with them as you have agreed to be bound hereby. No party shall be bound by any express or implied terms, representation, promise, or the like not recorded herein.
  • No variation, amendment, addition, or deletion of these terms will be binding unless expressly agreed to by both parties, being the client and GAME AFRICA SAFARIS, in writing. From time to time, updated and amended terms and conditions will be necessitated due to changes in policy, administration, and legislative alterations. Please ensure that you are familiar with the most recent document.
  • No relaxation or indulgence will constitute a waiver of these terms and conditions and both parties remain entitled to their rights as ascribed to them in terms hereof, despite not insisting on them at any given time… Should any of the terms and conditions as found herein be deemed to be invalid or null and void as determined by a court of law, the rest of the provisions will remain in full force and effect as if the former had not been included.
  • The terms and conditions of this agreement and supporting documents will be governed by the Laws of Kenya and shall be enforceable within the Republic of Kenya and its Courts.
  • The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court of Kenya in respect of any action or proceedings which may be brought, provided that GAME AFRICA SAFARIS Shall be entitled to bring proceedings in the High Court, where such proceedings would, but for the foregoing, be beyond the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court and can do so at their election.
  • If GAME AFRICA SAFARIS institutes proceedings to recover costs, the costs of recovery and all associated costs will be for your account on an attorney and own client scale.
  • No responsibilities, rights, or obligations in terms of these terms and conditions can be assigned or ceded by you to a third party.
  • Should GAME AFRICA SAFARIS be prevented from carrying out any of its obligations in terms of this agreement due to causes beyond its control, GAME AFRICA SAFARIS shall not be held liable to continue with its obligations while the causes persist, and shall not be held liable for any delays or losses or damages which may be incurred as a result.