Mount Kenya Day Trip

Price from USD 195

Day Trip Mount Kenya Sirimon Route

Mount Kenya Climb One Day Trek is designed for guests who have limited time and who are not interested in reaching any of the summits. This safari is tailored to those who are interested in seeing the fascinating vegetation zones of an equatorial mountain and the associated rich animal and birdlife. There are three main routes for approaching Mount Kenya: the Naro Moru Route, the Sirimon Route, and the Chogoria Route. Mount Kenya one-day trips are for visitors who would be spending a night in lodges, hotel-bookings, and hostels in the Mount Kenya region and the trip offers a drive to the park entrance and several walks to Met Station at 3000 meters. The hike starts from the Park entrance gate through the Gallery forest up to Old Moses Camp at an altitude of 3000 meters. This is a favorite spot for ornithologists and offers an opportunity to see the Grevy Zebras in the forest. These walks offer good opportunities for bird-watching and for enjoying the different plant life. Alternatively, there is the Moorland one day-trip which also offers a drive up to Old Moses Camp from which one can hike to the Moorland. Here magnificent alpine plants can be enjoyed. Drive to Old Moses Camp where the hike starts through the barrow towards Liki North Valley. Here the Moorland offers a gentle climb through fascinating vegetation with a chance of seeing the peaks.


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